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The Stones of The Revelation Painting

The 12 Stones of The Revelation Painting with a suprising mystery revealed for humanity!

The Stones is one of seven journals to be published accompanying The Revelation Painting.  The stones are significant in many ways and required global contribution and participation.  Emphasis of these stones is placed not just upon their origins but the peoples and cultures of those locations.

For education purposes information in this journal has been gathered from all over the globe to be shared with a primary purpose to magnify the everyday lives of people who coexist in a geological wonderland.  Some of the information may be disturbing to some viewers and it is meant to be that way, the journal is meant to uncover certain aspects of truth.

You may want to ask yourself this question:  “Why would anyone buy a diamond for reasons other than greed when families and children have been brutally murdered for the sake of its beauty?  Most people are oblivious to what is happening in some countries while these precious and semi precious gemstones are being harvested.

africans Obeah

Their lives on land that should be the most beautiful and richest in the world, giving their lives for it.  The very blood the pulses through their veins in their land is being spilled.  Here you will learn about the “Blood Diamond” which is not a red diamond but obtained through the blood of people, like “blood money”.  Diamonds which are bought and sold through lives of people.

In depth coverage about the stones of the twelve foundations noted in The New City are covered in this journal.  Geological, metaphysical, spiritual and origins are also covered.  Stories about global participation in obtaining the stones are also covered.  A very significant mystery of Revelation from the bible is disclosed in this journal.

The mystery shows “a promise” which has been in the bible since its discovery yet no one has ever seen it.  The New City has two significant messages for humanity built within it that will become obvious as you read this journal.  It was mere chance that I stumbled across them and can understand why.  It is rare that someone crushes gemstones worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Reasons behind crushing the stones is threefold.  The first is obviously for the painting (which was not planned), and the second was to show that the gems can be as beautiful in their raw form as a faceted stone if viewed in an atypical way.  And the third was to show that these “rocks” are rocks regardless of the value WE place on them and are not worth human life.

Over the past twenty years or so, it seems humanity has less concern about the world as a whole and seem to forget that “we” are the world.  Life is difficult when we live it for ourselves and what we believe is “ours”, but imagine if we worked together as a team, the entire world.  Would it be as hard if all people worked toward a common goal and no one anywhere was left behind?

I as the creator of the painting have learned far more than I could have ever expected from The Revelation Painting and the twelve years I have invested time, emotion and finances.  The stones are indisputably beautiful with their sparkle and shine but cannot compare to the beauty of the sparkle and shine of a child’s eye…that is truly the diamond of my eye, and the children that encircle the globe, that are our future. 

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